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Korda Carp Care Kit
Korda Carp Care Kit
Korda Carp Care Kit
Korda Carp Care Kit
Korda Carp Care Kit

Product Description

  • Includes 30ml bottles of Propolis and Ulcer Swab
  • Can be used to treat hookholds, sores and abrasions
  • Comes in a zipped pouch

As anglers we want to return any fish that we catch in the best condition possible, and the Carp Care Kit certainly helps to achieve that. It comes in a zipped pouch and includes 30ml each of Propolis and Ulcer Swab. The Ulcer Swab is designed to clean and disinfect any wounds or ulcers on the fish, thus preventing the area from becoming infected by bacteria or fungus. Propolis, which is a naturally derived product which comes from bees and has antibiotic and antimicrobial properties, can then be applied to seal the area and preventing anything getting in to the cleaned area. When used together they give any damage the best chance of healing. The kit contains a 30ml bottle of each of Ulcer Swab and Propolis.


Carp Care
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Korda Carp Care Kit

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