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About ESP...

Every product in the ESP range is made to specification, nothing is brought 'off the shelf'. In-house CAD engineers work alongside our angling experts in designing and perfecting new products.

We have our own plastics factory where all our moulded components are made to strict standards using a wide variety of different polymers. All our mould tools are made in the UK to ensure the best possible quality. The same goes for our wide range of ready tied rigs and leaders - they are all tied in our own factory by highly trained staff to ensure consistent, excellent quality.

We have also invested heavily in CNC lathes, installed at our UK base and used to make a variety of products including the ESP Barrel bobbins. 

All new products are thoroughly field tested and adjusted where necessary to ensure the final product is as perfect as possible. Over the years this has helped make the ESP product range one of the most widely used and respected in the tackle industry.