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About Delkim...

In the late 1970’s, carp anglers DEL Romang and KIM Donaldson put their names together to form DELKIM.

At the time bite alarms were in their infancy and those electro-mechanical devices that were available were not suitable for the rigours of carp fishing. The “Heron” antenna alarm invented by Dick Walker in the 1950’s was virtually the only bite alarm available and was “state of the art” at that time, however it had shortcomings and anglers had already attempted to improve it in various ways. Del’s early DIY attempts at incorporating electronics into the “Heron” were being noticed by anglers at Darenth in Kent, which was a famous carp fishery, even in the 1970’s. Using LEDs, electronic circuitry and what were known as “GPO” speakers, the Delkim “Heron Conversion” was born and made commercially available via a service where anglers sent their own “Herons” to Delkim for conversion. This conversion service established Delkim in the bite alarm business.